Real Estate Homes For Sale Seminole 33778 and Surrounding Areas

Real Estate Homes For Sale Seminole 33778 and Surrounding Areas

If you are interested in Real Estate Homes For Sale in Seminole 33778, can be your best bet.

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If you are planning on relocating to Seminole Florida, you will find that it matches all the requirements for a great location to be in. It offers the chance of residing in a pleasant and appealing city.

Debbie “Action” Jackson could guide you to locate the ideal home in Seminole for your family.

Seminole is a city that is centrally situated within the bigger populated area of Pinellas County, is in close proximity to beautiful beaches, recreational boating, shopping facilities, parks, schools and universities.

It is easily located nearby other cities such as Largo, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa.

The Seminole community is an economical city, and real estate prices fall ranging from lower to more expensively priced properties, to fit most finance ranges.

It has lots of store shopping possibilities of all categories, from smaller shops to larger department stores and shopping malls, and discovering a shop with great price ranges is convenient.

The Seminole community has a whole range of schools offered inside the city or nearby communities, consisting of:

Elementary to middle schools, High schools, Colleges and Universities, including a number of private educational facilities.

The Seminole community delivers various excellent amenities, including boating and sailing, golf courses, and a variety of public parks.

There are a number of great golf courses including: Bardmoor Golf & Tennis Club, Seminole Lake Country Club, The Tides Golf Club, and more.

Of the numerous public parks, a couple of the significant parks include:

Boca Ciega Millennium Park

Within this park, you will discover a 35-foot made of wood observation structure which gives a sweeping view of Boca Ciega Bay.

Site visitors can easily launch a kayak or canoe, or indulge in a picnic beneath a shelter. The recreation area additionally offers a covered, barrier-free play area for children and a canine park for both little and larger dogs. The small dog recreation area contains an obstacle course for practicing dogs.

Lake Seminole Park

Lake Seminole Park extends more than 250 acres, and it is situated right next to Lake Seminole.

Lake Seminole Park provides a 2-mile multi-purpose trail for bicycling, hiking, jogging, inline skating which winds itself throughout a pine flatwoods. A one-mile cut-off is available just for persons less energetic.

Lake Seminole will provide hours of pleasure for boating fans, jet skiers water-skiing fishing, and more.

A softball field and volleyball courts are accessible based on a first come, first served basis.

Benches and swings are strategically located for pleasant views of the numerous water ponds and the lake.

The Seminole community can be a terrific area to bring up a family, not far from quiet beach locations, great educational facilities, and modernized shopping areas.

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